University of Connecticut

Interactive Financial Aid Worksheet

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services urges students and their families to apply for financial aid as early as possible and to consider all potential funding sources prior to receipt of the fee bill. This worksheet will assist you in determining if a balance is due to the University, after all available financial aid is applied towards the fee bill. Awards are based on estimated costs subject to change if tuition and fees are adjusted. Current charges can be viewed on the Bursar’s web site.

Note: Please do not print and return this form. It is for your records only.
Estimated Yearly Tuition & Fees 2021-2022
In-State Out-of-State New England Regional
Storrs Campus - Tuition and Fees $ 17,834 $ 40,502 $ 26,852
Regional Campus - Tuition and Fees $ 15,246 $ 37,914 $ 24,264
Graduate Tuition and Fees $ 19,664 $ 41,576 $ 30,560
School of Social Work $ 17,812 $ 39,724 $ 28,708

Estimated Yearly Charges
Estimated Tuition and Fees: $
Average Estimated Room and Board: + $ Check here if living on campus*
Estimated Total Bill: = $
Estimated Yearly Financial Aid:
Estimated Grants: $
Estimated Federal Loans: + $
Estimated Scholarships: + $
Estimated Aid from Other Sources** + $
Total Estimated Financial Aid = $
Estimated Remaining Yearly Balance:
Estimated Bill: $
Estimated Financial Aid: - $
Remaining Amount Due on Fee Bill*** = $

* Average Estimated Room and Board figure is for Storrs, undergraduate students only. Please visit for additional information.

**Please note that Federal Work-Study awards cannot be used to meet direct expenses, as Work-Study earnings are paid to the student in a bi-weekly check based upon the number of hours he or she worked in the prior pay period.

***If a remaining amount due appears you may wish to consider alternative financing options as a means to meet your educational expenses. Please refer to the Tips for Financing Your Education page for information regarding alternative financing options. In addition, the University Bursar offers an installment payment plan for fee bills. Families should plan to have any additional financing finalized prior to the fall fee bill due date of August 1st.